Television Dramas


Upon release from the mental institution in which she grew up, an emotionally erratic outcast becomes seduced by the illicit, murderous side of the family business and strives to claim her place as its rightful heir.


An ambitious biochemist must outmaneuver her narcissistic husband, protect her children, and avoid capture by the FBI as she infiltrates the ranks of the hacktivists who have turned her revolutionary, widely distributed heart implants into murder weapons.


After discovering the original investigation was tainted, the sister of a convicted murderer and the sister of the victim reluctantly team up and crowdsource clues as they reinvestigate the crime.

The medical grittiness of ER plus the politics of HOMELAND and the landscape of BREAKING BAD

After becoming an enemy of the Assad regime for treating Aleppo war victims, a Syrian medical student jeopardizes her US immigration status by opening an underground clinic in Phoenix to provide healthcare for the undocumented while struggling to outrun her past and avoid attracting the attention of ICE.

Think GREY’S ANATOMY but in law school

When an ambitious law student aiming for a high-powered corporate career is forced to do pro-bono work for low-income defendants, she confronts childhood traumas and risks her dreams to fight for the powerless.

The A-TEAM fights Climate Change

An elite disaster response team led by an impulsively heroic former Air Force pilot operates outside of government oversight, traveling the world to fight natural disasters, epidemic outbreaks, and other threats as well as those taking advantage of the chaos.


Mission Complete
One-Act, Sci-Fi

Two unexceptional astronauts struggle to make the right choice after they encounter a cunning but compassionate alien who tries to persuade them not to reveal the existence of her people. Will they share what they know to escape mediocrity or choose the survival of a supernatural race?
– Published by One Act Play Depot

10-Minute Play, Drama

A makeshift family must decide whether to die in the bunker they call home or to embrace change and brave the outside world.
– Published by Lazy Bee Scripts

To New Heights
One-Act, Comedy

When strangers meet in an indoor rock climbing gym, they must push past preconceived notions in order to have a chance at love.
– Commissioned & Produced by Brooklyn Boulders Queensbridge, NYC

The Dating Circus
One-Act, Comedy

A slick salesman specializing in dating advice demonstrates ways to seal the deal while his assistant and test subject search for a real connection.
– Produced by The Playground Experiment, NYC

When the World Ends
Full-Length, Drama

With the scientific community declaring that the world will end tonight, eight individuals must come to terms with themselves and their choices as they determine their final acts.

In The Night
Short, Absurdist Drama

A woman learns to stand up for herself and ends an adulterous relationship.
– Published by The Paragon Journal
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Stand-Alone Monologue, Drama

After a classmate tries to break a bracelet off her wrist, a teenage girl confesses its significance.
– Published by The Furious Gazelle
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Short, Drama

Two men from different walks of life cross paths on a patch of grass in NYC as each searches for what he needs to survive.

Additional Screenplays

Happy Endings Senior Living
Feature, Dark Romantic Comedy

Devastated after being ousted as Top Dog in her retirement community, a feisty octogenarian plans to murder her handsome usurper even as she finds herself falling for him.

Webseries, Comedy

A narcissistic screwup charms her way into the clinical skills lab of a medical school where she quickly learns that the only thing harder than teaching empathy is practicing it.
– Commissioned by Firebird Productions, LLC
– Two Seasons Produced

Quarter Life Crisis
Webseries, Comedy

A group of recent graduates struggle to find a community like they had in college out in the real world.
– Commissioned by Jersey Six Productions, LLC
– Pilot Produced

Bert Control
Pilot, Sitcom

A 32-year-old relationship guru fights to build the life he actually wants despite being trapped between the two most important women in his life when his larger-than-life mother inadvertently rents a room in his girlfriend’s apartment.

Short, Horror

Upon moving into her new apartment, a woman finds that the ghost of a former occupant still inhabits the dwelling.

9-1-1: Out With The Old
Spec, Season 2 – Episode 10.5

The first responders must deal with the chaos of New Year’s Eve celebrations while also working to redefine their own personal relationships.

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